Nothing Brings people together like good food together like good food


On food cost and labour cost by tapping into our high volume production capabilities



Your customer experience by offering tasty, high-quality food every time.



Reap the benefits of a centralised production kitchen without having to invest in one


Quality and Convenience – the perfect match.

We love food and we enjoy cooking and eating. There is a general perception that packaged food is either poor quality or too expensive. When we started off on this journey our goal was to break this stereotype.

We make and supply bulk packs to supermarkets, restaurants, fast-food chains as well as for home consumption. You can either choose from our current range or we can be your outsourced production kitchen and make finished menu items or base sauces to your specifications. Hospitality Review states that if you are a Restaurant Chain, you can save almost 10 percent of the total cost when you mass purchase from a central kitchen instead of buying supplies and producing the same menu item for each restaurant separately.

Yes, we can deliver to your home or business throughout New Zealand.


If you are wondering about the choice of our name, it was inspired by the business partners becoming friends while working in a flight kitchen. Also that they shared a favorite hobby of flying Paper Planes as kids.

Our experience working in the airline catering industry is the foundation behind our core values of food quality and food safety. And of course, the thorough understanding of large scale food production… nothing is too difficult or complex for us. Innovation is our second nature.

We take immense pride in everything that is cooked in our kitchen. Therefore we will never cut corners or use cheap ingredients to save money. Our promise is that we will always use fresh ingredients, premium cuts of meat, and cooked to perfection. And our secret ingredient is our passion and love for good food. You are welcome to ask for a free sample and see the quality of our food for yourself.

Happiness is Homemade

Quality and Convenience – the perfect match.